About Us

We Are Here to Help Parents, Without Cost or Obligation 

We’re a free, no pressure service that comes alongside parents to help them find the best program or school for a troubled teenager. We’re paid by the programs and schools because it helps narrow down the inquiries they get to just the ones that are the most appropriate for their program.

Finding the right therapeutic school can be a very difficult search. Best Choice simplifies the search by narrowing down the best options based on the child’s needs and the family’s budget.  See our STANDARDSOnce we know what issues need to be addressed and what you want to keep the cost within, we can make some appropriate suggestions.

Rather than choosing a program for you, we offer a list of the best options based on your child’s situation, location, and budget.  We charge you nothing, nor will our assistance cause the rates of any schools to be any higher.  We are the largest such free service in the nation.

We visit and work with hundreds of residential programs and get feedback from parents of students we have already placed there.  Our goal is to help the parent find the absolute best choice for their child.

We help families with a child who is experiencing academic failure, exhibiting inappropriate behaviors, has emotional issues or substance abuse problems, or many other difficulties that may impact their future.


We Visit Programs and Require that they Operate According to Our Basic Standards

We spend a great deal of our time on the road visiting and evaluating a wide variety of programs. Only by conducting such site visits and getting reports from parents who have sent a child there can we get a good understanding of the strengths, options, and expertise of each school.  See our STANDARDS.

What works for one child may not be appropriate for another. Each student and their family’s situation and finances are different. Teaching styles, religious affiliation, specialized therapeutic services, personnel, and the role of arts or athletics in the program are all elements that define each school.

Getting it right can make the difference between a failed experience and a tremendously fulfilling and life-changing one for the student.  In that quest, we help parents narrow down their options.

“I love Best Choice. I found them enormously valuable in our search process and highly recommend them to anyone who asks for boarding school advice. They were critical to our process of filtering through all the noise and helping us find the right fit for our daughter.”
— Parent

“You have been a blessing for us, I just got your number randomly from an article online. I was lost and didn’t know where to start, you helped pave my way and hopefully, things will work out for Amina and therefore for all of us.”
— Parent

“Just a note again to say how much I appreciated your assistance. My daughter was accepted at one of the programs you mentioned, and she started her program on Monday of this week. I am so impressed by the program. My daughter is settling in. She is a bit homesick, but I have confidence that she will make significant strides in her recovery.”
— Norma S.

“Thank you so much! You were the most delightful person we’ve spoken with, in 5 years of trying to get our daughter help. Blessings to you!”
— Cathy H.

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your support with the initial process. I am truly grateful that my daughter is doing well. I hope you had a great summer and look forward to staying in touch!”
— Robyn

“We can’t thank you enough for telling us about this school and all your kindness and support! Have a wonderful day as you continue to help and bless other families that greatly need someone to come alongside them.”
— Parent

“I’m really glad I found you. I could have never done this without your help!”
— Lisa

“You have been a blessing!”
— Parent

Here’s How We Work

We connect with an ever-widening range of programs and schools that we select based on the breadth of their program, longevity, location, reviews, facility, and the expertise of their personnel.  See our STANDARDS. Though we do not know everything that transpires at the programs and schools we represent, those that fail to keep the students safe or that fail to keep up their level of service are removed from our list.  Even so, parents must understand that we have no control over the program or school.

We have a great deal of experience in the therapeutic boarding school and program field and have worked for decades in this industry, however we are not licensed educational consultants or psychologists. We never medically or psychologically “refer” an individual to any specific program, as would a licensed professional. Instead, we offer to the individual a list of several options that we deem are the best out of  the many organizations that we represent, and those options are based on the family’s financial ability and the level of services that may be required for the child. We always recommend that the parent seek licensed medical, psychological, or educational help in making a final determination of which school or program to select.

The admissions departments of schools and programs are typically quite busy, preferring to meet individuals who have been somewhat vetted beforehand. Best Choice Admissions Services assists in this regard by connecting individuals with what we believe are the most suitable programs and schools, drawing on our extensive experience.  Our sole focus is to help you find the right program or therapeutic school for your child.  

We work with individuals, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, or beliefs.  The only individuals who may not be helped by our assistance are those who have no funds to place a loved on in a program or school, or if any or if all of the institutions we represent decline to accept the child, which is at their own discretion. We represent institutions as long as we are assured that they are doing a good job (see our STANDARDS), and the students are properly cared for. However, we cannot know everything that goes on in these institutions, nor do we have any control over what they do or how they operate. As such, the schools and anyone seeking our assistance indemnifies us from liability.  We are simply an information source.  We will not, and cannot, guarantee any specific treatment or outcome for the student, nor their safety.


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Best Choice is free - it simplifies the search for troubled teen treatment

We’re a free service that comes alongside parents to help them find the best program or school for a troubled teenager


Legal Disclosure

NON-REFERRAL/NON-EXPERT DISCLAIMER: Options expressed by Best Choice Admissions Services LLC ("BCAS") and its representatives are not professional referrals nor expert recommendations of a medical, behavioral health, or educational professional. BCAS is not licensed or bonded to provide medical, psychological, or educational advice or recommendations, so we don't. You should consider seeking advice from a licensed professional before making any decision in relation to the placement of any child in a residential program. BCAS assists the admissions departments of schools as a communications contractor, from which it also receives compensation for its work. BCAS is indemnified by each organization and has no control over the actions of such organizations or their staff. BCAS is rarely on-campus of each program, so we do not know everything about what goes on, nor should we be held responsible for such information. We visit each campus periodically and get anecdotal feedback about each program from parents, which aids us in providing helpful options to individuals as they search for the program of their own best choice. By Federal law, we are required to mention that we select programs to represent solely based upon their desire for our assistance, and they pay us a flat fee based on each student placed. We receive no kickbacks for the amount of services the student requires, nor their length of stay in the school or program. Of the schools and programs we mention as options, we do not select them or push any particular ones based on their ability to pay us a higher amount than do other schools or programs. For some low-income individuals, we may mention schools that pay us nothing. Should we learn that a school has done anything inappropriate with students, such that it is being investigated by local or state authorities, we will immediately stop offering that school as an option. However, due to confidentiality agreements, we may not be able to express why the school or program is no longer included in our discussion or options list. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) caution that before you enroll a youngster in a private residential treatment program or any institution or service that we mention, be sure to check it out yourself: ask questions; ask for proof or support for claims about staff credentials, program licensing or accreditation, and endorsements; do a site visit; and get all policies and promises in writing.

"NO WARRANTY" LEGAL NOTICE: BCAS does not guarantee recovery or even positive outcomes for any particular individual who attends any program or school we might offer as an option. Recovery and future avoidance of troubling behavior or actions and whatever effects that may have on the individual's life, their future, their career, their mental or physical health, or their friends and relatives are entirely dependent on each individual student and how they accept and apply the principles they are taught by the program, school or its staff or therapists.