Best Choice Admissions For Schools

The primary goal of every school is to help students reach their full potential and to become productive members of society. In order to be successful, residential schools must keep their beds full. Through a strong partnership with the Best Choice Admissions, we can help you achieve this goal. We work with a wide variety of schools and treatment centers who provide a broad spectrum of services from early intervention to those who are providing care for serious behavioral or mental health issues. Although we all share the same vision of helping families, not all programs are a fit for every family making the call for help. At the Best Choice Admissions, we hope to help support your families in providing resources that can meet the needs of their child, educational goals, and their budget. For each family referred, we will encourage they give your program a 5-star review by sharing with them that most programs just turn parents away but you cared enough to provide them with the tools they need to get help. Our network will also reward your program with a $500 payment that can be used toward your advertising budget. As the referral momentum progresses, your program can stay full and recover the majority of its marketing budget while still helping families in need.

Best Choice Admissions will also be influential in helping parents to find your program when you have an abundance of openings, are expanding capacity, or have unexpected withdrawals. We provide a well-trained admissions team at your disposal. The only time the Best Choice Admissions receives a payment is when we actually enroll a student in your program!

With a commitment to help more families enroll in your program, Best Choice Admissions is the solution to supplement your enrollment needs. Call us today to get started!




NON-REFERRAL/NON-EXPERT DISCLAIMER: Options expressed by Best Choice Admissions Services LLC ("BCAS") and its representatives are not professional referrals nor expert recommendations of a medical, behavioral health, or educational professional. BCAS is not licensed or bonded to provide medical, psychological, or educational advice or recommendations, so we don't. You should consider seeking advice from a licensed professional before making any decision in relation to the placement of any child in a residential program. BCAS assists the admissions departments of schools as a communications contractor and agent of record, from which it also receives compensation for its work. BCAS is indemnified by each organization and has no control over the actions of such organizations or their staff. BCAS is rarely on-campus of each program, so we do not know everything about what goes on, nor should we be held responsible for such information. We visit each campus periodically and get anecdotal feedback about each program from parents, which aids us in providing helpful options to individuals as they search for the program of their own best choice. By Federal law, we are required to mention that we select programs to represent solely based upon their desire for our assistance, and they pay us a flat fee based on each student placed. We receive no kickbacks for the amount of services the student requires, nor their length of stay in the school or program. Of the schools and programs we mention as options, we do not select them or push any particular ones based on their ability to pay us a higher amount than do other schools or programs. For some low-income individuals, we may mention schools that pay us nothing. Should we learn that a school has done anything inappropriate with students, such that it is being investigated by local or state authorities, we will immediately stop offering that school as an option. However, due to confidentiality agreements, we may not be able to express why the school or program is no longer included in our discussion or options list. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) caution that before you enroll a youngster in a private residential treatment program or any institution or service that we mention, be sure to check it out yourself: ask questions; ask for proof or support for claims about staff credentials, program licensing or accreditation, and endorsements; do a site visit; and get all policies and promises in writing.

“NO WARRANTY” LEGAL NOTICE: BCAS does not guarantee recovery or even positive outcomes for any particular individual who attends any program or school we might offer as an option. Recovery and future avoidance of troubling behavior or actions and whatever effects that may have on the individual’s life, their future, their career, their mental or physical health, or their friends and relatives are entirely dependent on each individual student and how they accept and apply the principles they are taught by the program, school or its staff or therapists.