Emergency Placement Services

iStock_000010779625XSmallEvery program and school has a child periodically that needs to be expelled. Perhaps it is for breaking rules, or for being a disruption, or simply because no progress is being made with the student. Maybe your enrollment was down and so you accepted the student when you perhaps shouldn’t have. You took a risk; however, after exhausting every resource in your program, the student has not advanced and is causing havoc.

It is never easy to admit that your program or school is not the answer for a student that you have already taken. Here are some suggestions that will help you decide when it is time to expel a student:

• He is jeopardizing the safety of himself, other students, or your staff
• Your staff no longer are comfortable working with him
• He has not shown any progress
• The parent’s realistic expectations for their son are not being met
• The student is infecting other students with a bad attitude
• Other psychological or historical issues have surfaced and are not something your staff can  deal with
• The student has shown growth but he is quickly digressing or has spiraled down several times and it appears to be a normal cycle
• The student breaks a zero tolerance policy (running away, drugs on campus, violence, etc.)

Now that we have identified it is time to let a student go we have to break the news to the parent.  They’ve gone through all kinds of hoops to get their child into the program, and now the nightmare is starting all over again.  It won’t be easy for them. But that shouldn’t keep you from what you have to do.  Unfortunately, when a parent feels wronged by the school for expelling their child, or the child is angry because their own actions made their parents angry, they lash out by writing bad reviews about your program.  One bad review can cause hundreds of people in the future to not ask for information about your program or school.  Many bad reviews can actually cause your school to go under.

It would be a lot easier if an expert could help in this transition — someone who can help the family find something more appropriate and handle all of the details, while also making the parents happy about it.  That’s what Best Choice Admissions is all about. We will coach you how to best “break the news to parents.” We will partner with you and the parent all the way through the process.

Our placement specialists spend every day moving expelled teens to more appropriate programs and schools. Most importantly, they help protect the school’s reputation, smoothing things over with the parent and encouraging them to instead praise your program. With our team in charge, your staff are free to focus on their regular responsibilities (like refilling the now empty bed), rather than spending several days working with the family.

Emergency Placement Services Includes:

  • Assisting the family in understanding “Why” their teen is being expelled and explaining that this is a good thing for their family
  • Helping the family find something that is more appropriate due to the current circumstance
  • Setting up a transition with the child to a new program
  • Coaching the parent through the enrollment process again
  • Recommending that the parents thank the previous program for all they did for their family and suggesting they write a 5-star review on the program for helping them find something more appropriate
  • If needed, help the program fill the new opening through a referral from the Best Choice Admissions.

What Is Needed to Utilize the Emergency Placement Services?

1. Call or email us to sign up.
2. Once there is an expulsion, give the parent hope and assistance by letting them know that a special team will be assigned to help them find another solution at no cost to them. Request that they contact us. We will do the rest, including have them sign off on passing their child’s confidential information to us.
3. Once we receive the signed Release of Information request from the parent, we will forward it to you so you can legally send us the child’s records.

That’s it!  We will take it from there!



Legal Disclaimer

NON-REFERRAL/NON-EXPERT DISCLAIMER: Options expressed by Best Choice Admissions Services LLC ("BCAS") and its representatives are not placement agents, nor are their ideas referrals or expert recommendations of a medical, behavioral health, or educational professional. BCAS is not licensed or bonded to provide medical, psychological, or educational advice or recommendations, so we don't. You should consider seeking advice from a licensed professional before making any decision in relation to the placement of any child in a residential program. BCAS assists the parents of teens who need help. It receives compensation for its work from participating schools. BCAS is indemnified by each organization and has no control over the actions of such organizations or their staff. BCAS is rarely on-campus of each program, so we do not know everything about what goes on, nor should we be held responsible for such information. By Federal law, we are required to mention that we select programs to represent solely based upon their desire for our assistance, and they pay us a flat fee based on each student placed. We receive no kickbacks for the amount of services the student requires, nor their length of stay in the school or program. Of the schools and programs we mention as options, we do not select them or push any particular ones based on their ability to pay us a higher amount than do other schools or programs. For some low-income individuals, we may mention schools that pay us nothing. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) caution that before you enroll a youngster in a private residential treatment program or any institution or service that we mention, be sure to check it out yourself: ask questions; ask for proof or support for claims about staff credentials, program licensing or accreditation, and endorsements; do a site visit; and get all policies and promises in writing.

“NO WARRANTY” LEGAL NOTICE: BCAS does not guarantee recovery, safety, nor positive outcomes for individuals who attends any program or school we might offer as an option. We cannot since such is outside of our control. Recovery and future avoidance of troubling behavior or actions and whatever effects that may have on the individual’s life, their future, their career, their mental or physical health, or their friends and relatives are entirely dependent on each individual student and how they accept and apply the principles they are taught by the program, school or its staff or therapists.